Scenario #60 - Discussing a Book You Both Read.

Beau - “That’s a good book, isn’t it?” Beau smiles, sitting down on your bed. You laugh awkwardly and look at the front cover of the book you’re reading.
“50 Shades Of Grey?” you laugh.
“Yeah,” he laughs.
“You’ve read this?”
“Everyone was going on about it and I wanted to know what it was about,”
“Did it take you by surprise?”
“I guess you could say that!” he laughs, now laid down on his front. “So, don’t you think Christian is just dreamy?” he smiles, teasing him.
“Yes, actually.” you grin, going a little red.
“I wish he’d tie me up with a grey silk tie!”
“Okay, Beau, stop!” you laugh, hitting him across the head with the book.


Jai - “Team Edward or Jacob?” Jai asks, laying down on the floor with you as you close the book.
“Well, Edward is dreamy and sparkles but Jacob is big and strong.”
“Yeah, but Edward is strong too!”
“Not ware-wolf strong!” you giggle.
“I see your point. And Edwards all cold and hard!”
“Yeah but, I live in Australia - I can easily solve that problem!”
“You won’t be able to leave the house with him.”
“I don’t care, better than Bella! She’s so moody!”
“I know right? Like, just lighten up!” Jai laughs.
“I can’t believe you actually read Twilight!” you laugh.
“Yep. And I gotta say, New Moon is great!” he winks, letting you get back to reading your book.